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Material Handling System

Material handling systems are a system for moving things from one place to another. These can be used to transport materials within a factory or between buildings. Material handling systems are helpful in moving bulk materials from one place to another.

Rice Mill Plants

Rice mill plants purge rice of all contaminants by removing the husk and bran layers. These are equipment that turns rice grains into rice flour. Rice mill plants are semi-automatic and made up of mild steel.

Fish Feed Mill Plant

Fish feed mill plants are made to turn a range of fish, including tilapia, catfish, salmon, and trout, into fish feed pellets. Up to 4 tonnes of fish feed pellets can be produced by the plant each hour.

Poultry And Cattle Feed Mill Plants

Poultry & cattle feed mill plants are a machine used to produce chicken feed. This range include vibratory screener, counter flow cooler, pellet die spare and more. There are various kinds of chicken feed equipment, each with a distinct function.

Grain Storage Silo

Liquid storage tanks are basically a huge container used to store liquids. These are designed for storing oil, grains, chemicals etc. Liquid storage tanks come in a range of sizes and finishes. Our offerings are designed for storing bulk materials.

Flour Mill Machinery
Flour Mill Machineries are available in different production capacity based options. Hygienic processing methods, user-friendly mechanisms, high output, and low maintenance design are the key aspects of this range of machines.

Industrial Conveyor
Industrial conveyors have extensive applications in packaging units, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Smooth operation, low machine downtime rate, and minimal noise generation are the key aspects of this range of conveyors.

Bucket Elevator
Bucket elevators serve as vertical transportation solutions for bulk grains, chemicals, fertilizers, and minerals. These elevators are capable of handling a maximum 6 tons of load. Energy efficiency is one of the key aspects of these elevators.